Not One, but Two New Product Drops!

We’ve been considering these products, and have received countless requests from our customers. When we started working  on our product Clean-Up and Refresh, it was only natural that we would throw these products into the mix. And finally, they’re here. I’d say it’s about darn time!

Firstly, enter our new Moisture Boost Co-Wash. Unlike the traditional Co-Wash which is about washing hair with a conditioner, our Co-Wash is a multi-benefit shampoo that provides conditioning benefits in a single experience. So you get to tackle 2 steps in a single step without compromising on hair care, while saving time and water!


Next is our Moisture Boost Deep Conditioner an intensely hydrating hair treatment that contains active ingredients to prevent split ends, protect against dryness and provides long lasting nutrition and conditioning to hair. Our Deep Conditioner is intended to be left in the hair for up to an hour, allowing nutrients to penetrate deep within the strands.


Both packed with Amino-acids and infused with oils of Carrot, Baobab and other natural ingredients to complete the formulation for hair vitality and shine. 

Time to get your hair Moisture Boost!

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