Our New Look and Clean Up

Our New Look & Clean Up, is officially launching today. We control every raw material that we use in our formulas in order to develop the safest and healthiest options for our end user. We felt it was time for a positive change. We needed to look beyond  products that are safe for you by taking into consideration the impact our products are having on our planet, and had to replace some of the raw materials with ones that are more sustainable. Sustainability to us means being aware of the following key things;

Ethical Ingredient Sourcing
Carbon footprint, 


... among other things. We are not 100% there, but we’re well on our way. Also our packaging and overall look wasn’t doing justice to the quality of our product. A brand refresh was in order. We want our products to be cute enough for your vanity and good enough to ensure days of amazing-looking hair. We were starting to look outdated, after all.


We want you to realize the integrity that lies within the products without the need to read the ingredient label. We futher enhanced our formulas with additional antioxidants and amino acids, to transform your hair. There are new products too, including a Cowash and a Deep Conditioner.


For continuity, we retained our logo and the colours from the previous packaging.  The colours have the following designations: Damage Rep’hair (Purple), Moisture Boost (Orange) and Style P’hairfect (yellow), The color scheme is intended for you to easily and quickly identify product categories. Creating an appearance to mirror the sophistication of each ingredient across the entire line


 A great deal of time went into incepting this Refresh & Clean Up. We wanted to get back to the roots of the brand and really understand the starting point of the product and our core values. We hope you like our new look as much as we do.


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